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VB.NET and Javascript Developer



UBot Media is looking for a .NET, and Javascript developer to help develop a web automation tool already used by thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide to save time and automate their online (and other) tasks. Users develop scripts using a proprietary language with simple commands and drag-and-drop features, often without any programming knowledge. They can then compile them as standalone Windows executables. While the software started in the internet marketing space, its simplicity and smart design has helped it develop into a tool used in many growing fields (big data, social media, etc).


Simplicity and UX is extremely important to our users, so if you frequently think, “This development platform/codebase/program could be so much simpler to use…” then you have the right mindset.

You will be joining a team that is making an important and growing impact, evidenced by recent coverage by The Atlantic, Website Magazine, and Visibility Magazine. You will be taking over as the core contributor to the previous code base, so you must be capable of making quick, critical, and solo assessments of legacy code. The entirety of the development process will be in your hands, so you should be comfortable managing every aspect from design to debugging after release.




Skills and Requirements


Technology and programming, and particularly user experience, should be your passion as well as your job. You must be excited to learn and compare new technologies to improve your craft and have a talent for selecting the right tool/technology for scalable and elegant end results. You should have a love for life-long learning and the ability, as Steve Jobs would say, to “think differently.”


You should be serious about writing elegant code to create elegant products, and you should have a dedication to UX that makes you shudder when you see poor design. Self-direction and a strong work ethic are musts, as well as a flexible attitude, creative problem-solving abilities, and a desire to work in a slightly-renegade small team which consists of a visionary founder, director of operations, support expert, and a corporate sales team.


You should have some experience in application development within an established environment (internship, startup, or your own product), with a strong understanding of.NET/C# development and web development (HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS). A thorough understanding of Object Oriented design and programming is a necessity. You must be able to manage multiple priorities and deliver to aggressive deadlines in a small, fast-paced environment without constant oversight. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, are extremely important given the remote nature of the position, and a CS or IS degree is required.



Key Technologies


VB.NET, C#, Javascript



Ready to Get on Board?


Great! Contact us and let's get started!


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