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We are a small, innovative startup that stands out for our longevity and growth potential. We are at the forefront of improving businesses all over the globe through web automation - and as such our market traction is strong. Our mission is to redefine productivity and efficiency, both for the experts and the amateurs in the world of software development and information technology. After four years of consistent growth our future looks exciting and bright.


The team is small, so it scales through product, not headcount, and you will have the opportunity to make a huge impact and a name for yourself as you help define the direction of the software for years to come.


The offices are virtual, so you get the perks of a fun, ambitious startup without ever having to leave the house. Wear what you want and work flexible hours, as long as you are dedicated to developing the best software that the customers could ask for (and they include names like, MicroStrategy, and NFocus).


We allow our team significant freedom to make important decisions without the hassle of board micro-management, but remember: you must be responsive, self-directed, capable of documenting significant daily progress, and excited to build the best product every day despite any challenge. Even though you will be working without a required schedule, you must be capable of occasionally working long hours without supervision and maintaining reliable productivity. You will be required to attend weekly meetings and company events that help define an engaging and exciting company culture. You must also be comfortable working in a startup environment, with the big risks and big rewards this entails.



Here are our available positions:


VB.NET and Javascript Developer


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